Will Sonya risk losing Toadie?

Sonya's love life hits a wall...

Sonya notices Amy’s crush on Toadie. In fact, Sonya even goes as far as to tell Aaron that she thinks Amy and Toadie will make a cute couple. Later, Sonya sees Amy, Toadie and Nell spending time together and the three of them look like the perfect family. So Sonya takes Amy to one side and gives Amy her blessing to start a relationship with Toadie. Will Sonya regret her decision?

After being caught without her clothes in front of a department representative, Elly receives a stern telling off from Susan. Ben thinks Yashvi is to blame, but she denies she played any part in the prank. However, it doesn’t take long before Yashvi finds out that Kirsha is behind the prank. Kirsha explains that she was forced by bully Tia to take Elly’s clothes. Will Kirsha tell the truth and get Tia in trouble?

Also, Elly feels demoralised after Susan’s harsh words. Mark encourages Elly to stand up for herself, as she has done a great job with the school in Susan’s absence. Elly takes Mark’s advice and confronts Susan – but will Elly’s actions backfire?