Will Sonya post Callum’s letter?

Sonya tells Jade that Callum wants to look for his mum and Jade think it’s a good thing until Sonya tells her Callum hates his real mum so she can’t let him find her. Toadie, Callum, Sonya and Jade sit down and work out a way to find Callum’s real mum but he gets upset when he realises he knows absolutely nothing about his mum, not even her name.

Knowing they need help, Toadie decides to call Callum’s aunt Robyn for answers. Callum begins writing a letter to his aunt but when he asks Toadie to find a photo of him, Toadie and Sonya, Sonya panics, knowing Robyn will recognise her. Jade offers to post Callum’s letter so Sonya can work out whether to rip it up or send it and take her chances. Alone, Sonya tears the letter up.

Andrew puts his foot down and tells Tash she has to go to antenatal classes but when she arrives she fails to answer any questions and clearly does not want to be there. Back home, one of the builders working on the Scully house arrives with Andrew’s watch, telling her it was found in Summer’s bedroom. Tash is furious and so decides to up her game, making lots of financial demands on Andrew for the baby.

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