Will Sonya reconsider?

Toadie tries to convince Sonya to reconsider her decision to give up trying for a baby but Sonya stands firm, certain their struggle to conceive will jeopardise their current happiness. Toadie seeks advice from Karl but though he baulks at his ideas, he finally suggests them to Sonya. She, however, dismisses them and together they agree to give up their dream.

Working her trial at Charlie’s, Tash is cheered that her spiky personality is proving a hit with the diners, earning her more tips than Kate. She enjoys her newfound independence until she arrives home to a lonely house and, deciding she needs some company, invites Chris to move in. Tash’s happiness is short-lived, however, when she discovers her house is going up for sale. She calls Michael, who confirms he’s selling – they’re being kicked out.

Meanwhile, Chris and Aidan are free to live as they choose under Tash’s roof, but with Michael planning to sell, Chris may be forced to face his fears of sharing his relationship with the world…