Sonya runs to Brennan, desperate to debrief about slapping Naomi, but is shocked to learn Naomi is staying at his house. Later, Sheila confronts Sonya about slapping her daughter and tells her that Naomi has decided to stay in Erinsborough. Taking this on board, Sonya begrudgingly apologises to Naomi. Then, with the aim of getting her marriage back on track, she tells Brennan that she won’t be able to see him as often as she has been and Brennan understands.

Georgia and Kyle set about organising their wedding and Sheila negotiates them a great deal with a local caterer. But when Kyle and Georgia employ her to negotiate all of their deals, the power goes to Sheila’s head and she ignores Kyle and Georgia’s wishes, preferring to organise things her own way.

Bailey is thrilled when his grandmother, Kathy, secretly sends him a super deluxe telescope. But Matt points out that Lauren will never let him keep anything that’s come from Kathy. Paige offers to keep the telescope at her place and uncovers the story behind Kathy and Lauren’s animosity. Shocked to learn that Lauren never wanted to give Paige up for adoption and that it was all Kathy’s doing, an angry Paige swears revenge on her grandmother.