Will Sonya support Toadie?

Toadie doesn’t know what to do for the best following the warning he got from his boss about pulling out of the development case. He keeps trying to tell Sonya about his involvement, but can’t find the words, knowing she’ll be upset. However, when she insists Toadie signs the petition, he is forced to tell her that he’s the lawyer representing the developers. She tells him he can’t stay on the case, but he explains that if he quits the case, he’ll lose his job and she’ll lose the kitchen garden anyway, but if they stick together they can make it work. Knowing Toadie took that job for her in the first place, she tells him he has her support.

Sophie continues to lust after Noah during her guitar lessons, unaware that he has a crush on Kate. When Sophie finds out Noah doesn’t have any gigs planned, she goes about organising a gig without him knowing, only finding out when Kate tells him. Noah’s touched by Sophie’s effort and gives her a gift to thank her. She desperately tries to rally more people to go to the gig to make sure there’s a good crowd. When Jade points out how obvious it is that Sophie has a crush on Noah, Kate’s worried.