Sonya tells Toadie that Kate has to know about Mark, but he says he can’t be the one to tell her as he could get charged or lose his job. Sonya says they need to find out how much Kate knows as to why Mark left and asks Kate to join her at the gardens to see how Sophie’s been getting on.

The girls talk about Sophie but when Sonya moves the conversation onto Mark, Kate flips, but eventually opens up to Sonya. Toadie arrives, following a warning to keep quiet from Hayes, and he is relieved when Sonya tells him she didn’t tell Kate. Meanwhile, an emotional Kate puts Mark’s belongings on the bonfire.

Andrew strikes a deal with Chris that he’ll go to his study session and make notes so Chris’ dad thinks he’s attended himself, if Chris takes Summer to see a foreign film she wants to see because Andrew doesn’t want to go.

However, neither of them anticipated Chris’s dad waiting for him after the study session and when he finds out Chris has been working at the garage, instead of studying he is furious. Chris’s dad arrives at the garage just as Chris is about to open a beer and demands he comes home immediately.

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