Will Sophie agree to help Andrew?

Needing Sophie to continue seeing Corey in order to sign the band Red Cotton, Andrew encourages her, helping her see him behind Paul’s back. However, when Sophie realises Corey’s not as cool as she thought and contemplates calling it off, Andrew fears his deal will be off. Desperate, and so close to signing the band, he encourages Sophie to give Corey another chance but, when Summer learns of his manipulation, she challenges him to put his cousin ahead of business.

Kate tries to ignore Rhys’s put-downs over her life being empty, but when she’s reminded of how much her life has fallen apart lately, she can’t help but fight the fact that he’s right. Running into Erin, after she explains that she isn’t Rhys’s jealous ex, she and Kate bond over their shared hatred of Rhys and, upon hearing of Erin’s dream to go travelling, Kate decides to take charge of her own life.

Discovering Priya’s applying to be the new principal, Paul tries to intimidate her from going for the job. Privately fearing he’s met his match in Priya, Paul’s determined to rile her at the school board meeting, but Priya’s a tougher cookie than Paul bargained on, and he has to eat his words when she’s offered the job.