Will Sophie ever walk again?

Sophie comes round after her operation and can’t feel her legs. Devastated to hear what Sophie is going through Ryan calls at the Websters, but Sally gives him short shrift. But back at the hospital Sally and Kevin are stunned when Sophie tells them she wants to see Ryan, and they eventually agree to call him.

As the day of the embryo transfer arrives Tommy’s still beating himself up over what Tina’s about to do. Tina tries to cheer him up by discussing the job interview he’s got later, while Tommy promises he’ll take her to the clinic. Tommy pours his heart out to Rita, telling her how unhappy he is at the idea of Tina renting out her womb to pay off his debts. Rita advises him to do something about it. As Izzy and Gary wait at the fertility clinic Tommy decides to change Tina’s mind.

Mary and Roy head to their interview with the Licensing Enforcement Officer. They’re lucky just to receive a warning and when they head back to the street the culprit confesses to reporting them.

Also, when Gloria wins big on the horses Lewis is thrilled; Ken blames Tracy for Sophie’s accident, but Deirdre defends her daughter; Ken heads to his Governors’ meeting where Wendy offers to lend her ear.