Sophie wanders the hospital corridors distraught at the devastation she has caused. She leaves Ricky and Brax confused when she asks for their forgiveness, leaving Nate to explain about her involvement with the crash. Later, Nate and Sophie meet on the beach where Sophie says she has told the police and is arrested.

Phoebe sobers up and Andy says her drink may have spiked. Phoebe hears about the crash and is overwhelmed with guilt when she sees Kyle lying in hospital. Meanwhile, Ricky uncovers the truth about Phoebe’s gig.

Zac and VJ arrive at the surf club looking for Leah, and Sasha reveals that Leah was sitting next to her on the bus. Zac makes an urgent call to Nate and the emergency services eventually find her body. Nate tells Zac and VJ that Leah has bleeding on the brain, Nate suggests they call Leah’s mother.

When Hannah comes back from surgery she is told she may never walk again and confesses all to Andy who says he loves her and wants to be with her.