Will Sophie walk again?

The doctor explains to Kevin that Sophie has a fractured spine and needs an operation. Sally’s devastated to hear that Sophie could be paralysed. As Sophie regains consciousness she admits she was with Ryan. Back on the street, a dishevelled Ryan arrives home. Michelle demands to know how Sophie ended up being run over. As Ryan tries to explain Kevin arrives and punches him, revealing Sophie may never walk again all because he was high on drugs. Meanwhile, Sophie is wheeled off to theatre.

Mary insists that no alcohol was sold in the café but the licensing officer is unconvinced and tells Roy he’ll have to attend the council offices on Monday. Roy throws Mary out. Later, Roy apologises to Nick for any problems caused, revealing he’s been accused of illegally selling alcohol. Nick realises that somebody close to him is to blame for reporting Roy.

Gary apologises to Tommy for going on about the surrogacy. Tina wants to avoid any bad feeling when the embryos are implanted on Monday and assures Tommy she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Tommy does as he’s told but it’s clear he’s still deeply uncomfortable.

Also, Lewis is guilty after his illicit night out with Gloria, and Maria and Marcus’s surprise kiss still proves awkward.