Sophie’s going through the motions as she gets dressed in Rosie’s clothes and heads out on her date with Lee. Sian comes looking for her but when she sees Sophie and Lee together looking cosy she’s horrified. Devastated, she rushes off.

Tyrone’s spent a sleepless night at Molly’s bedside, but is pleased to hear she’s awake. Molly asks what happened and when Pam angrily reveals Kevin didn’t fix the brakes she starts to wonder if it was done on purpose. Full of guilt Kevin arrives at the hospital but Molly’s gunning for him, accusing him of deliberately trying to kill her and the baby. Kevin’s aghast claiming he’s here to apologise for pressuring her. But as Molly tells him to save it for the police, he begins to panic.

Gary still hasn’t turned up and Anna’s horrified to hear he faces a court martial and a custodial sentence.

Also, Audrey refuses to accept Rita‘s apology.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin panics as Molly reveals she’s prepared to tell the police everything to keep him away from her baby. But with a doting Tyrone by her side her resolve fades. Returning to the hospital, Kevin goes to thank Molly, but she’s still bitter and insists she didn’t do it for him. Realising it’s not fair on Tyrone or her baby to be around Kevin she tells him she plans to persuade Tyrone to move away. Guiltily, Kevin complies and Molly orders him out.

Gail tells Sophie that Sian came calling, Sophie quickly ditches Lee and races after her. Finding her waiting for a cab Sian’s initially angry, but as Sophie explains every minute of the date felt wrong she softens. Awash with confusion Sian admits she doesn’t love girls but she does love Sophie, and as Sian kisses her, Sophie responds. Agreeing to keep their relationship quiet till their exams are over the girls say an emotional goodbye.

Audrey gets a nice surprise when Lewis pays her a visit. Later, when Rita then comes calling the two women agree to let bygones be bygones.

Also, Ken hits on the idea of attic conversion.

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