Will speaks at Texas’s funeral

Tensions run high at Texas’s funeral as everyone gathers at the church. Will gives an awkward speech, followed by Dodger who confesses his un-dyeing love for Texas. He then confronts Theresa, who’s shocked to learn he taped her Calvin confession and tells Myra what she’s done.

Theresa is left heartbroken by Dodger’s behaviour, but this time he may have pushed her too far. Later, Dodger heads to the police station, but when D.I Bulmer presses play on the dictaphone, the confession has been replaced by a conversation between Myra and Dirk.

Elsewhere, Maxine is surprised by Patrick’s vulnerability over the funeral. Just as he’s about to tell her how he really feels, Max announces she’s going to America to see Mitzeee. Patrick can’t hide his delight when she later says she can’t afford to go, but Sienna has a plan and gets a ticket for her.

It’s opening day at ‘Roscoe Motor Maintenance’ and everyone’s looking forward to a fresh start, despite yesterday’s revelations. Robbie works hard to make amends, but Sandy tells him to move out – he doesn’t deserve to be a Roscoe. He pleads with his mother to give him another chance, but she’s scared of what he’ll become if she doesn’t put her foot down now.