Roo tells Spencer to talk to Maddy and make peace with Matt. Spencer tells Maddy he’s happy for her and Oscar and offers to take them out to dinner. Upon leaving he has a brainwave to organise a teenage cancer fundraiser. Spencer also apologises to Chris and Matt.

Marilyn tells John she doesn’t want to move. When John realises how much the house means to her he decides to call off the sale, an action that Marilyn believes is the most romantic gesture- ever.

Irene returns to the Bay without VJ, as he has decided to stay with his grandma Stella for the foreseeable future. At first, Zac decides to leave him there but he eventually realises his mistake and decides to bring him home.

Sasha skips university to surprise Matt, but she doesn’t exactly get the warm welcome she expected. Matt is clearly unhappy to see her and refuses to say why.