Will Spencer finally win over Evelyn?

Evelyn and Josh’s friendship grows stronger, despite Maddy’s attempts to push Spencer and Evelyn together. After the history exam, Josh is disappointed with his performance, but Evelyn gives him a pep talk. When Evelyn finds Denny on the couch eating ice cream – upset about Casey – Evelyn declares that she’d be thrilled if the guy she likes told her he liked her. Spencer takes Evelyn on a stroll and Evelyn tells him that she doesn’t want to get into anything serious because she has feelings for someone else.

Casey throws a spanner into Denny and Chris’s relationship by admitting to Denny that he has feelings for her. Confused, Denny goes to ask Casey whether she was sending mixed signals and tells him he only likes him as a friend.

Sasha finds Matt sleeping on the floor of one of the classrooms and she encourages him to ask Leah for help. Feeling like a charity case, Sasha has to push Matt to finally see Leah. To Matt’s surprise, Leah proposes Matt move into Tamara’s old room.

Pretending to search for something of Jett’s, John uses the metal detector out in the garden. He asks for Marilyn’s help with the detector, and an unsuspecting Marilyn soon uncovers an engagement ring hidden in the bushes.