Spencer calls Sasha and Chris to apologise, but when he’s released from hospital he refuses to go back on his medication despite Nate’s pleas. Sasha points out to Spencer that she has to be able to trust him, but also that his recovery can’t be for her. He has to do what’s right for him. Spencer returns to the hospital to get a prescription from Nate.

Indi tells Chris that she’s leaving and he railroads her into letting him go with her. Later, Indi finally finds the courage to tell Chris that she doesn’t want him to come, and leaves a heartbroken Chris behind.

April’s father has seen on facebook that she’s getting married and gets in contact. He tries to talk her into moving to Paris and finishing her degree there. When Nate points out what an amazing opportunity it is, April considers it. April calls her Father back, but Irene overhears.

Roo calls Marilyn, upset that she told Alf about Harvey. When Marilyn tries to apologise, Roo tells everybody to stop acting like Harvey’s not coming home. The next morning, Roo tells Marilyn that she should apologise to Sally and Pippa as they’re the ones who need Alf’s support. Roo begins to unravel as news arrive that the search has been called off.