Will Spencer turn against the cult?

Spencer’s looking forward to the Discovery Weekend as Murray gives them white robes to wear. As they enter a clearing, Evelyn presses record on the mobile phone Chris gave her. Evelyn realises that you are forced into marrying one another on the Discovery Weekend. Spencer and Evelyn will be married to each other, and then to an older cult member.

Spencer refuses to go along with it and Murray tries to convince Spencer that it’s his Bipolar talking before having him dragged away. Later, Evelyn finds Spencer beaten in a shed and convinces him to leave. She has evidence to stop Murray but vows to return for her father.

Dex and April decide to move the wedding to two weeks time so Indi can come before she leaves the Bay. Roo offers to organise the wedding, when John arrives with news about Harvey. Dex and April reflect on how hard it must be for Roo and decide they’re lucky to have each other.

John tells Jett he and Marilyn are keeping quiet about their relationship. Jett’s campaign to go to private school pushes John to tell Jett that he’s broke. The moment is interrupted when John receives a phone call from his navy buddies. They’ve found Winston alive, but not Harvey. Roo is devastated, so Marilyn contacts Alf without telling her.