Will is under arrest. Robertson and Charlie begin to piece together what actually happened on the night of Penn’s disappearance. With the help of statements from both Will and Daria – the girl who was pretending to be Shandi Palmer – the detectives finally get a clear picture of the events that led up to Penn’s death.

Will reveals he saw Daria going up to Penn’s room and, having seen Penn lose it at Angelo’s earlier that night, was worried for Daria’s safety. He followed Daria up to Penn’s room. Penn pulled the knife out and threatened both Daria and Will, so Will was left with no choice. Even though it was in self-defence, he did stab Penn, causing his death. Will is charged and kept in custody.

Irene is having a hard time looking after Lily, even though she is recovering from her illness. Irene has been hesitant to tell her that her father’s in police custody. Colleen comes round to fill Irene in on some of the news and they discuss how they think everything’s going to end badly for Will. When Irene tells Lily that Will has been arrested, Lily blames Irene for shopping her dad to the police.

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