Bradley and Stacey realise that they are locked in and Stacey is furious. Bradley quietly suggests that they use the time to talk but Stacey is uncooperative and determined to get out. Bradley lays his cards on the table and tells a stunned Stacey that he loves her and wants her to take him back.

Stacey can hardly take it in when Bradley insists that he has truly put the past behind him and he forgives her for having an affair with Max. Bradley begs Stacey to confess if she still loves him and wants him back. Stacey admits that she loves him, but insists they can’t repair their relationship, but when Bradley impulsively kisses Stacey she responds…

Max realises that Tanya is hiding something from him and he forces her to confess that she’s seeing someone. Max is stunned when Tanya reveals that her lover is Jack. Max storms over to confront Jack and he is even more infuriated when Jack smugly tells him that he and Tanya are in love. Max attacks Jack but he’s left a broken man when Tanya intervenes and tells him it’s over between them – she loves Jack. Max vows to make them pay.

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