Will Stacey and Bradley reunite?

Stacey asks Bradley about his ‘girlfriend’ and he explains that she saw his flatmate. A relieved Stacey tells Bradley that she hates her life without him. Bradley softens and takes her into his arms. Stacey suggests they quit Walford and go travelling together. Stacey is hopeful, but Bradley gives Stacey an envelope. Inside is the ring she gave him. Bradley says that he will always love her, but he can never trust her and their marriage is over for good…

Tanya is at rock bottom when she realises that her case for the divorce is now weak and Max could refuse to divorce her. Tanya tells the girls to pack but she changes her mind when the cab turns up and sends them to school for the afternoon. Tanya sees a drunk Max kissing her solicitor Harriet’s assistant goodbye after a boozy lunch. Tanya asks Dot to take Oscar for the afternoon and she turns to a bottle of wine for solace then calls Sean and tells him to come over.

Mo wants to sort out Charlie’s love life and she bullies him into letting her put an ad in the Gazette’s lonely-hearts column. But he’s not happy when Mo also announces that she’s putting him on a diet!

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