Will Stacey appeal her prison sentence?

Concerned that Kat is taking on too much, Alfie visits Stacey to ask her to appeal. Thinking this is Jean’s doing, Stacey accuses Jean of using Alfie to manipulate her. Talking about Stacey’s emotional strength as a child when she had to look after her, Jean begs Stacey to show the same strength now for Lily. After Jean leaves, Stacey phones Kat to say she’s going to appeal.

Linda holds her head high after Cora’s outburst outing Mick as a kerb crawler. When Sharon brushes her off and she hears the locals gossiping about her, Linda gets upset. Lauren turns up at the Vic only to find her cinema plans with Nancy have been cancelled. Trying to be kind, Linda asks Lauren if she wants to join her for a drink, but they’re soon arguing about Cora. Lauren leaves, confronting Cora and learning that Rainie was the prostitute involved in Mick’s arrest.

Ian is snappy with Denise, who is trying to be supportive, because he’s worried about the impending press appeal. Although Sharon tries to lift his spirits, Ian is still fragile. Things are made worse when Linda visits, giving him an ultimatum and demanding that he come clean about seeing Rainie the night Lucy died – or she’ll tell everyone.