Will Stacey change Danielle’s mind?

Danielle is having second thoughts about the abortion and she asks Ronnie what she would do. Stacey interrupts before Ronnie can answer and wants to know what they’re up to and guesses that Danielle is pregnant. Stacey tells Danielle that having an abortion was the biggest mistake of her life, but Danielle won’t be swayed and goes to the clinic with Ronnie.

Janine offers Darren a job at the car lot, but he turns her down flat. Libby is still angry that Jack backed out of his promise to Darren and she confronts him, but Jack insists that there was nothing he could do. Meanwhile, Ricky decides to carry on running Pat Cars and move operations to Pat’s house.

Archie expresses his worries to Roxy that Peggy may be too busy with the council to marry him and Roxy suggests he set a date. Peggy is taken aback when Archie books the wedding for just two months’ time. Archie says he’s touched that Peggy is giving up her council ambitions, but quietly fumes when Peggy insists she’ll still be running.

Also, Bianca tells Tiffany she can’t have a birthday party as she doesn’t want to bring back bad memories for Whitney; Ian calls Linda’s husband Roger; Max tries to convince Bradley to keep Gumbo.

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