Stacey and Bradley buy a pregnancy test. Stacey tells Bradley she wants them both to write down on a piece of paper what they want the test to say. The test is negative and Bradley is upset by Stacey’s cool reaction. Bradley arranges to meet Stacey in the Vic to talk, but he fears he’s been stood up when she’s late. Stacey arrives and they discover that they both put ‘baby’ on their pieces of paper. Stacey has her wedding ring and she tells Bradley that she wants to be his wife.

Christian is worried about Lucy and he tells Ian that she’s decided to go on the Pill. Ian is furious and he storms round to the flat to confront Lucy. Ian finds Olly and chucks him out of the flat, then flushes her contraceptive pills down the sink and confiscates her mobile!

Suzy heads to the allotments to dig up her treasure, but she is horrified when she finds that the spot is covered by Charlie’s summerhouse foundations! Suzy talks Phil into smashing through the concrete to find her treasure and he’s stunned when she reveals that it’s a gold bar.

Also, Bianca wants a post mortem exam on Wellard; Tamwar is determined to save the Masood’s business.

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