Steven apologises to Stacey for kissing her, but he begs her to still go for her college interview. Stacey is a bag of nerves, but the college course leader Julia is impressed. Stacey’s hopes are dashed when Julia reveals that there are no places left on the course and suggests she tries another campus that is miles away in south London. Stacey tells Steven about her disappointment and he is sympathetic. A grateful Stacey moves in for a snog… Tanya prepares for Max’s return and she silences Sean’s concerns with a passionate kiss. Jane is shocked when she discovers that Tanya is letting Max back home and Tanya has to lie about her reasons. Max moves back in with his bags and Tanya feels a twinge of guilt about her plan when she realises how happy the girls are. Tanya realises that her plan of revenge may prove more difficult than she thought. Phil is unimpressed when Shirley turns up for work late and drunk. Heather worries as Shirley’s behaviour becomes more and more erratic, but Shirley refuses to reveal what’s up. Phil warns Heather that unless Shirley pulls herself together, she’s out of a job. Also, Ian admits to Jane that Clare has been after him! VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action