Stacey is scared when social services turn up to check on her and Lily. Social worker Maria examines Lily and gives her the all clear, realising that someone has made a fake allegation. Stacey realises that Janine informed on her and she attacks her. Janine is determined to report her to the police. Pat can’t believe that Janine wants Stacey to lose Lily and she tries to get Ryan to talk to her. Ryan catches up with Janine at the police station and begs her to change her mind.

Alfie is having trouble convincing Kat to move into Kim’s caravan. Phil brings the lease agreement for the Vic to Alfie for signing. Alfie hasn’t told Kat there are only leasing the Vic, not buying it and he stalls for time. Kat finds out the truth and demands an explanation.

Max tries to bond with Lauren, but she is distant. Darren is jumpy around Abi and Abi finds out that Darren knows she has a crush on him. Abi is mortified and Max and Lauren try to convince Darren that he’s mistaken. Max tries to get Lauren to open up about what’s troubling her but when he has no luck he calls Tanya and asks for her help.

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