Stacey is angry that Jean went to stay with friends after leaving hospital instead of returning to the Square. Jean explains that she wanted to protect Stacey from the responsibility of looking after her. Stacey storms out to get drunk with Callum, but Jean finds her and persuades her to come home and talk things through. Later, a bitter Callum sees Jean and rants at her that she will ruin Stacey’s life if she hangs around and Jean is terrified.

Jack tells Roxy that he will give her money for anything that she needs for Amy. Roxy is furious with Jack and tells him that she won’t be bought. Roxy gets together the money to repay Jack for the expensive buggy, but she rethinks her plan when Jack offers her a credit card in her name.

Archie arranges for a wedding dressmaker, Olive, to see Peggy. Janine tries to get Archie’s attention, but he’s not impressed. Peggy catches Janine in the Vic flat and orders her out. Peggy is left thoughtful when Janine tells her that Archie is using her. Archie later confronts Janine and tells her that she’s not as clever as he thought.

Also, Minty phones a lonely hearts’ ad.

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