Will Stacey tell Ryan her secret?

*Hour-long episode*

Ryan sees Stacey looking at a teddy bear on a market stall. Whitney volunteers Ryan to help Jean with a cot for Stacey. Ryan starts on the cot, but Stacey tells him to get out. Ryan later steals the teddy bear and leaves it outside the Slaters’. Stacey realises that Ryan left the bear and she prepares to tell Ryan the truth about the baby. Janine answers Stacey’s knock and tells her that Ryan kissed her for a bet and Stacey is crushed.

Max and Vanessa get amorous in the car lot office and are nearly caught by Abi. Max arranges a birthday party for Abi, but embarrasses her in front of Jordan by giving her a toy pony. Max apologises and buys her diamond earrings. Max spends the afternoon in bed with Vanessa and talks about Tanya. Vanessa tells him it’s obvious he’s still in love with his wife.

Ian catches Lucy taking cash from the cafe till and she tearfully reveals it’s to buy exam papers because she’s so behind with her work. Lucy offers Adam the money, but he suggests there are other ways to pay him. Lucy threatens to tell Libby that he came on to her, but he calls her bluff and she’s forced to kiss him, which is witnessed by Minty.

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