Will Ste accept his father’s help?

With his court case looming, Ste is determined to make the most of his last day of freedom. However, Danny and Doug are concerned regarding Ste’s nonchalance about going to prison. Later, Ste is stunned to receive help from an unlikely source when an envelope containing cash from his dad lands on his doorstep. However, he refuses to accept it, despite not being able to afford a lawyer.

A guilty Maxine wakes up on the Savage’s boat and silently escapes as she tries not to wake Dodger. Elsewhere, Patrick is upset that Maxine didn’t turn up to the flat last night and when Maxine fells overwhelmed by his persistence to win her back, she considers telling him about her indiscretion.

Despite his best efforts, nothing can prepare Joe for his fiancée’s heart-breaking revelation that she has had a miscarriage.

Jim desperately tries to get out of his illicit arrangement.