Will Ste use drugs again?

Ste's got hold of some Crystal Meth - but will he take it?

Ste and Harry get back together and tell Tony, but he’s still got the Crystal Meth in his pocket. Later, Tony turns up at the Lomaxes with Esther, who has promised to give Ste an interview for a job at The Bean – but what state will Ste be in? Tony soon realises Ste is high and takes him to the hospital for a urine test.

Panicking, Ste asks Leela to provide a sample instead, lying that he’s just drunk alcohol. After getting the all-clear at the hospital, Ste gets the assistant manager job at The Bean. At home, however, Tegan knows the urine wasn’t Ste’s and reveals that Leela is pregnant! The siblings celebrate the news until Ste reminds Leela about her night out when he covered for her – but who was she with?

Meanwhile, Maxine’s about to tell Warren the truth about Patrick when Sienna interrupts. Maxine tells Nancy and Darren that she wants to share their secret with ‘Mike’ – but later she decides to split up with him!

Also, Neeta rushes to unconscious Jesse as horrified Mac looks on. Mac soon realises what Marnie’s up to.