Stella wants to tell Leanne about Carla’s necklace, but Karl urges her not to. However when a trusting Leanne enthuses about Peter’s good mood, Stella’s torn. Meanwhile, Carla’s shaken when Michelle reveals that Frank and Sally are an item. Knowing how this will appear to a jury Carla has a wobble in the pub and Peter instinctively reaches out to her. Carla pulls away quickly, but Stella has seen it all. Asking Peter through to the back she demands to know what’s going on between him and Carla!

Tina confronts Kirsty about Rita‘s speeding ticket and while she keeps her counsel she feels bad about the mess Rita is now in. After a trip to the station Kirsty reveals it was a misunderstanding and she’s sorted it all out for Rita. Annoyed, Tina tells Tyrone that Kirsty is out to get her.

When Becky agrees to meet Danny again to discuss the Streetcars account she’s incensed to hear that Steve told him only to deal with him. Danny makes it clear he wants to deal with Becky as he fancies her, but she’s too wound up to notice.

Also, Sally comforts Frank over the death of his father; Dev presents Amber with a leatherbound book for her 21st.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Peter tells Stella he’d bought Leanne a necklace, but took it back to the shop after seeing Carla wearing the same one. Meanwhile, Anne tells Frank and Sally that it was Carla’s lies that killed her husband. Her emotions boiling over, Anne heads to the factory to tell Carla what she thinks of her. She’s followed in by Sally just as Carla is telling Peter she’s running on his love. Anne says her piece and Carla is left reeling as Sally leads her out.

Rita encourages Tina to review her opinion of Kirsty and, annoyed at how everyone’s been taken in by Kirsty, she leaves, noticed only by Tyrone who follows. Back at the house Kirsty is threatening Tina with more aggro if she doesn’t keep out of her way when Tyrone walks in. She goes into damage limitation mode, but Tyrone has heard enough.

Steve‘s refusing to work with Becky and another row erupts. But refusing to back down Becky returns to the hotel and tells Danny that she’s authorised to deal with their account. As they shake hands Becky agrees to a date.

Also, Sunita’s fed up with being taken for granted by Dev; Faye’s annoyed when her DVD night with Anna is gatecrashed by Owen, Katy and Joseph.