Will Stella sell the Rovers?

As Eva and Jason apologise profusely to Stella how will she react to the discovery that they’re seeing each other? Back in the bar Stella tries to remain upbeat, but Gloria can see through the act, presuming it’s to do with Eva and Jason. Stella however insists it’s nothing to do with them, it’s being in the pub and everything it represents. Determined to find a way to move on with her life Stella stuns her family with a shock announcement that she is selling the pub.

Christian’s agreed to meet Hayley on Wednesday, she’s relieved, but also terrified after what happened last time she saw him. As Roy and Fiz urge caution Hayley admits she may have made a terrible mistake, but needs to see Christian before she dies.

Leanne heads to the hospital, where Nick’s been taken for tests, while David visits Tina. There’s a clock ticking now until people find out what he did and David’s terrified he’s about to lose everything. Tina urges David to tell Kylie the truth now while he can.

Also, Michelle feels let down by Carla as Peter gently puts her in her place at the factory.