Will Steph and Max get together?

Steph is mortified with herself for misreading the signs from Max yesterday but is unaware he thinks things are looking up. OB is fed up with hearing Max go on about Steph all morning, and insists he talk to her. Max finally heads over to tell Steph exactly how he feels.

While Myra puts on a brave face as Tina, Dominic and John-Paul leave home, Mercedes is feeling devastated by Russell’s rejection, but decides to pull herself together and hit the town. Elsewhere, John-Paul moves into halls where Jessica sees potential financial gain in renting out Elliot’s room.

John-Paul soon realises that living away from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – but Tina is delighted to finally flee the nest and throws a housewarming party at Jacqui and Tony’s place. While the rest of the McQueens are partying, John-Paul is regretting his decision.

Nervous Gilly’s return to the Ashworths’ only make matters worse, with Rhys overly friendly and determined to forget about what’s happened. Unaware of the seriousness of Hannah’s condition, Gilly ends up putting his foot in it and upsetting Suzanne. Later, Rhys is forced to admit he was wrong to accuse Gilly of touching Hannah.