In her eagerness to make Steph sound like she’s got her life together, Lyn lets slip to Philippa that she’s gone into business with Paul. Later, Philippa gives Steph a letter consenting to Charlie’s adoption and tells Steph she is unlikely to get much contact with Charlie whether she signs or not. Lyn thinks that all is lost, but Steph decides she’s going to fight for Charlie and tears up the adoption papers.

Brad learns that his students have done surprisingly well in their SAC and confides in Piper that he thinks his iPad has been stolen. Susan and Brad extract a confession from Xanthe and suspend her for a week. Sheila’s furious until Xanthe reveals she only wanted the money so she could leave. Everyone always chucks her out in the end and why should Sheila be any different!

As Lou sets about giving Doug a bucket list day, Doug tells Lauren he still hasn’t danced with a beautiful woman. She obliges but, when he calls her Pam and kisses her neck, Lauren realises he’s much worse than she thought.