Can Steph keep Lyn as a silent investor? Or will Lyn overstep the mark in Steph’s personal and professional life? Also, Jack’s job at the school seems to be slipping away from him as parents continue to complain about his religious influence on the children…

Meanwhile, Mishti is convinced that Sheila and Gary are linked to Hamish’s murder. She tells Dipi her suspicions, but Dipi is reluctant to believe her. Leo is unhappy with how invested Mishti is in the investigation and, knowing that Mishti won’t give up on her hunch, Leo confides in Paul, unaware his father is covering for Sheila and Gary! Mishti decides to make an anonymous tip-off to police to tell them that Sheila and Gary are lying about their whereabouts on the night of Hamish’s murder. Can Paul cover their tracks in time?

Also, Paul is also overwhelmed at how quickly Courtney has organised their wedding. Despite Paul’s protests of needing more time to think about getting married, Courtney refuses to listen and asks Susan to officiate the wedding. Susan isn’t sure, though, if Courtney and Paul are right for each other and suggests they take her compatibility test. Will Paul say yes?