Will Steph run away or face sentencing?

Steph and Lucas spend the night together and he asks her again if she’ll run away with him. She says she can’t and asks Lucas that if she goes to jail, not to wait for her. Back at the house, there is some good news when Toadie shows Steph Donna’s victim impact statement saying she doesn’t want Steph to go to jail.

Andrew visits Summer to see if she’s OK and offers to go with her to court. Summer is touched but Lyn isn’t happy and later warns Andrew to keep away from Summer. Andrew is visibly upset.

It’s time for Steph to be sentenced and Donna tells Toadie she wants to change her victim impact statement. Toadie tells her to leave it but Donna tells the court that nothing will bring Ringo back, and it would be even more unjust if a good woman went to jail. She tells them that Steph is an amazing mother, daughter and best friend and she has suffered enough, they all have. When the judge passes sentence, everyone is shocked and upset when Steph gets six years.

Upset, Summer goes to see Andrew, telling him she needs to be with him, but he encourages her to be with her family. And when Tash comes downstairs in a dressing gown, Summer realises why.

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