John Paul is suspicious when he sees Ste with Lockie in the village. Lockie asks Ste to pay him ‘in kind’ for the drugs he’s given him and John Paul overhears. When Ste doesn’t pay up and Lockie wants the drugs back, Ste mixes the dregs of his cocaine with drain cleaner. Lockie asks John Paul to go for a drink and offers him drugs – Ste’s tainted drugs. Ste finds John Paul at The Loft and John Paul collapses.

Dr Wilson tells Holly and Dirk that Cindy is ready for a home-visit, but is concerned when some pills fall out of Cindy’s drawer. Dr Wilson realises that Cindy is worried about going home and tells her she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to, leaving Holly heartbroken.

Also, the police have found one of Carmel’s shoes and show the terrified McQueens.