Will Steve and Becky abscond with Amy?

Steve’s wavering over Becky’s plan to sell the pub and snatch the kids, but after another run-in with Kylie he realises it’s the only way they’ll ever be free of her and Tracy. Jim’s gobsmacked when Steve summons him, saying the deal is on providing he’s got the cash and they keep quiet till contracts are signed. The clock’s now ticking and Steve heads to the Barlows in search of Amy’s passport.

With David’s words ringing in her ears Kylie visits Becky, asking her to come to the wedding and allow Max to be page boy. Back at the Platts Gail encourages Kylie to open up, hoping it will change her opinion of her daughter-in-law to be.

Tina’s slept at the Duckworths. Tommy took the sofa, but he lets Tyrone believe he scored. So when Graeme spots them leaving together and asks Ty about it he’s left believing the worst. Meanwhile, at the garage Kevin’s riled by Tommy’s presence and a row erupts, just as Sally arrives to rollick him for the new car she’s received today. Kevin’s beseiged.

Also, as Audrey has a drink with Claudia she’s surprised to get a call from Marc. Making an excuse she dashes off to the police station. But when she arrives she’s stunned.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

A cloud on the horizon threatens Liz‘s happiness. As she demands to know what Steve’s hiding, he reveals his plans to abscond. Liz is horrified, insisting the deal’s off, but Jim’s measured as he discusses the merits of a fresh start. Liz needs to agree to support their plan if she wants to save her relationship with Steve. Meanwhile, Liz and Jim grow closer as they enjoy a meal at Nick’s reopened bistro, spying on what will soon be their competiton. But Jim is worried about having the cash he’s promised.

Kylie shows her true colours to Gail. She’s making a real effort with Kylie, having given her cash for a wedding dress. But when she spends the lot treating David to a slap-up meal at Nick’s bistro opening, Gail’s angry. And it causes David to have second thoughts about his bride-to-be.

Audrey struggles to digest the sight of Marc. He explains he was assaulted, but Audrey asks questions he can’t answer. Back at Audrey’s, though, Marc begins to open up.

Also, jealousy is creeping into Tina and Graeme’s relationship. She’s thrown by how gorgeous Xin looks in her wedding dress, while he accuses her of sleeping with Tommy.

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