Will Steve and Becky accept Jim’s offer?

Steve and Becky react differently to Jim’s offer and it’s frosty at the pub as Steve resents Liz’s presence. Matters aren’t helped when Jim arrives stating he wants to buy the pub. Steve reiterates his position – he’s not selling. Steve’s scathing, but Becky wonders if they would be better starting afresh somewhere new with the kids, away from Tracy and Kylie. Steve’s thrown; Tracy would never let him take Amy, but Becky’s mind is racing.

Sally jumps to the wrong conclusion again. Kevin’s furious to discover Tyrone’s given Tommy a job valeting cars. But having filled Tommy in on their history Tyrone’s not keen to back down. Sally, meanwhile, jumps to the wrong conclusion again and is fuming when she receives another expensive bouquet, destroying them in front of Kevin.

When Gail asks David how much he really knows about Kylie, asking why she never sees her son, it plays on David’s mind and he starts to wonder about their relationship. But when he grills Kylie about family he sees a different side to her.

Also, Tommy sets his sights on Tina who, feeling alienated by Graeme and Xin who are swotting up on each other’s lives, agrees to a drink back at the Duckworths.

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