Will Steve and Becky return Dev’s money?

Steve‘s in turmoil as Lloyd demands he pay the casino winnings into the Streetcars account. Owen meanwhile, has downed tools at the shop till Dev pays for the work he’s done so far. Having made his decision Steve nervously places the cash in an envelope and heads out, preparing to take a big risk.

When Sunita tries blackmailing Owen into finishing the shop with her knowledge about his unpaid VAT bills, as suggested by Eileen, he decides to take action. Aware that Eileen’s been blabbing and shouting off about his business he takes Jason’s house keys and slips into the Grimshaws. He rifles through Eileen’s drawers, eventually finding the paperwork. But when Rosie arrives home Owen’s about to be caught in the act…

Motherly Julie becomes too much for Tyrone. And when she won’t take the hint Tyrone’s forced to tell her to back off.

Also, David horrifies Gail and Audrey with stories of Candy – a cage dancer he’s met in Tenerife who he claims to be in love with.

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