Will Steve and Michelle get hitched?

As Tracy vows to destroy the lives of those she feels have wronged her, Steve waits nervously at the registry office for Michelle to arrive. That evening, a disturbed Tracy has murder in mind as she uses the keys she stole from Michelle’s bag and lets herself into Carla’s flat. As Carla lays asleep on the sofa Tracy sets the flat alight.

Kal leads Leanne out to the Rovers’ back yard and goes down on one knee. But he’s annoyed to discover he’s forgotten the ring and asking Leanne not to move, sets off to find it, leaving Leanne bewildered.

Jenny sets her evil plan into motion as she packs Jack’s belongings into a holdall, ready for their getaway.

Sophie suggests to Maddie that after they’ve done up their new flat, they should have a holiday. Meanwhile, Liz vows to confront Tony over his betrayal.