Steve and Michelle are having a baby!

Steve tells Michelle he's ready to start a family in Corrie

Steve tells Dev that Michelle is putting pressure on him to a baby and Dev thinks it’s a great idea – as long as he is in love with Michelle. Taking Dev’s words on board, Steve arrives home and tells Michelle that a baby would be the best thing for them.

Beth arrives late for work and Kirk assures her he clocked her in when no one was looking. But Jenny tells Johnny who warns Beth and Kirk that if they pull the same stunt again they’ll be fired. Jenny suggests to Johnny they should keep their relationship under wraps so she can be his eyes and ears on the factory floor.

Todd and Billy secretly arrange a day out to Formby but agree that they need to work out how to break the news of their relationship to Sean. Meanwhile Billy’s taken aback by David’s calm demeanour when David hands over a list of requirements for Kylie’s funeral.

The police call at No.8 with Kylie’s belongings and David’s deeply moved to see his blood-stained jacket. Leanne tells a shocked Eva she’s pregnant.