Will Steve be diagnosed with depression? (VIDEO)

Worried about a mole on his arm Steve has made an appointment with the doctor. But after examining the mole and telling him it is fine the doctor becomes concerned that there is something else troubling Steve, forcing him to open up about how he’s feeling.

When Kylie suggests a spur of the moment trip to the seaside she is thwarted by David who points out he has to go to work. Kylie is disappointed and unaware that David has persuaded Audrey to give him the afternoon off, she heads over to The Dog and Gun and spends the day playing pool with Gemma and Callum. She asks Callum if he can get her anything to give her a lift, and he’s only too willing to oblige.

Under pressure from Ken and Tracy, Rob finds himself railroaded into agreeing to attend Peter’s trial out of support for the family.

Also, as Kirk and Beth struggle with all the extra hours they’re working to pay for the wedding, Sinead comes up with a plan that won’t mean them working themselves into the ground.