Will Steve confess all?

Michelle is devastated about Steve’s lies and tells Carla there’s no second chance for him. Carla knows she loves him really and when she speaks to Steve she realises that his proposal was sincere. Steve convinces Michelle to talk but it is obvious that she is not going to be talked round that easily and she demands to know what happened the night he stayed out.

Tyrone prepares to propose to Molly and books them dinner at a swanky restaurant. Molly is oblivious but when Aunty Pam pops round she soon twigs what Tyrone is up to. Once at the restaurant a nervous Tyrone makes sure the waiter has everything ready but his big moment is trumped by a flashy proposal at another table and a nervous Tyrone fails to get the words out.

Dev looks forward to his round of golf until Vernon turns up in a garish golf outfit with a set of antique clubs! Once at the club it is clear Vernon has not got a clue what he is doing and when Dev bumps into an influential local businessman, Prem, he is terrified Vernon is going to show him up.

Also, Mel is still at odds with Teresa and makes snide remarks to Jerry about her.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Steve ‘confesses’ that he stayed over at a girl’s house and lies that he crashed out on the sofa and nothing happened. Michelle throws the engagement ring in a skip and storms off and a devastated Steve is left to wade through waste in the skip to find the expensive ring. Michelle refuses to believe that Steve didn’t cheat on her and when he comes in stinking of rubbish and begging for forgiveness she throws him out on the street – followed by his clothes!

Jack and Aunty Pam excitedly await Tyrone and Molly’s return but are surprised when they arrive back and don’t mention a proposal. Tyrone has further doubts about proposing when Molly unwittingly tells Tyrone she’s happy with things the way they are and Tyrone gives Jack the ring back.

Tony gives Sean his job back and tells him that it was Rosie’s doing. Kevin overhears what Tony has said and tells Sean that Tony has only reinstated him because he is playing Rosie off against him to try and get him to sell the garage. Sally and Rosie are getting increasingly annoyed at Kevin’s paranoia about Tony.

Also, Dev is flattered when businessman Prem suggests they go out for a drink.