Will Steven confess his lie?

Faced with questions from Lauren, Steven wants to ensure that she won’t find out the truth...

Steven feels panicky when Lauren questions him about his news, realising he needs to cover. Quickly deflecting her concerns, he insists that he’s OK. After a worried Lauren heads to work, Abi finds out about Steven’s lie. She confronts him, telling him to set Lauren straight. Spying on Lauren at work, Steven overhears Lauren telling Josh she’s going to give Steven another chance. Filled with hope, he pushes ahead with his plan.

Sonia is concerned when she learns that Dot has insisted on coming home from hospital, despite the doctor’s advice to stay put for a while. When Dot gets back, she’s upset about the changes that have been made to her house and the fact that Robbie has sold off some of her sentimental furniture to make space.

Ian is chuffed after finally accepting an offer on the chippy. When he finds out exactly who has bought the shop, however, he is angry… It’s Max’s company, Weyland & Co.

Also, Alexandra asks Keegan to help her cause trouble at the Prom. Sharon has a moan to Michelle about the Taylors.