Will Steven escape with Lucy?

Ian convinces Lucy to talk to him but Lucy is angry with her father. Ian realises that Steven has fed Lucy a pack of lies and he manages to talk her round. Steven vanishes and Ian takes Lucy home but he is stunned when Steven turns up. After an angry confrontation, a broken Steven walks away from Walford for good. Lucy’s ordeal hasn’t changed her bad ways when she makes a secretive call to a guy called ‘Olly’.

Bradley and Clare return to the Square with their bag of loot. Arnold has discovered that the jewellery is missing and he barges into the Brannings. Arnold threatens to call the police but Clare soon gets rid of him when she threatens to tell his wife about their affair. Bradley is impressed and goes to make a move on Clare but she has bigger plans for Bradley and coyly rejects him.

Ronnie takes Roxy to casualty after her fainting fit. Roxy insists she doesn’t need to be there but she perks up when she is treated by Jamie, the doctor that she took to the opening of R&R. Ronnie is stunned when Roxy emerges with Jamie’s number!

Also, Liam goes missing, while Ricky tries to kiss Bianca.

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