Steven tells a terrified Stacey that he’s going to set alight to himself and The Arches. Stacey’s mobile starts ringing but Steven warns her not to answer it. Stacey tries to get Steven to open up and he reveals his years of rejection and hurt. Stacey convinces Steven that he still has his friends, even if he doesn’t have his family. Ian is surprised when he later sees Steven casually walking across the Square with Stacey.

Ronnie is homeless and when she sees Jack he offers her a bed for the night but Ronnie is wary, despite being very tempted. Later, Jack encourages Roxy to make up with Ronnie and he charms Roxy round. Ronnie and Roxy are reunited. Phil offers Jack a cheque for his share in the club but Jack refuses. Phil is left fuming…

Garry is irritated when Minty waffles on about the wedding competition but he’s horrified at sabotaging Minty and Hazel’s chances when he learns they could win £20,000! Garry comes clean to Minty that he may have ruined everything. Minty speaks to Maddy and he smugly announces that Maddy loved Garry’s story and it’s all back on!

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