Will Stevie risk everything for love?

DC Stevie Moss tells DCI Jack Meadows and DS Stuart Turner that she spent eight months undercover with Rob Towler, trying to crack some major heroin deals. Rob was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison, mainly for slashing teen Sophie Randall’s face, and Stevie learns that Rob has been released seven years early after Sophie’s mother retracted her statement.

An undercover Stevie meets Rob in a pub and the pair are soon reminiscing about old times. When Rob’s violent associate, Gordon McCardle arrives and threatens Stevie, Rob tells her to meet him later. At Rob’s flat, Stevie wants to discuss a planned drug deal, but Rob clearly has plans of his own… with Stevie. Stevie begs Rob not to go through with the deal, and Stuart witnesses as they kiss.

DC Will Fletcher is confused when Sophie Randall identifies McCardle as her attacker and explains that he forced her mum into retracting her statement to get Rob out of prison. Later, Stevie heads to Rob’s flat, where she finds McCardle, who reveals that the deal has moved locations. Certain that McCardle is planning a hit, Stevie calls Stuart and tells him the deal’s moved and that she’s worried for Rob’s safety.

As Stevie tries to call Rob to warn him of the danger ahead, the officers arrive at the new location to find Rob being held at gunpoint by drug dealers. As a shoot-out ensues, Stevie pulls Rob onto her bike and speeds off, leaving a stunned Stuart behind…