Will Summer and Andrew come clean?

It’s the day that Andrew and Summer are planning to tell Tash about their relationship but Summer struggles when Tash turns to her, asking her to accompany her to the hospital. When she is given the all clear, Summer calls Andrew giving him the go ahead to tell Tash the truth. However, before Andrew gets to tell Tash, she walks in on Andrew and Summer kissing.

Earlier, Summer is thrilled when Lucas and Michael tell her that all the guys from the shed are organising a fundraiser to help get the Scully house rebuilt. Jade is angry when her and Sonya are told they’re not allowed to get involved because they’re girls. However, Lyn turns their help down, telling them she wants to raise the money on her own. Summer begs her nan to accept the help, and seeing how upset she is, Lyn agrees.

With the fund raising going ahead, Jade and Sonya challenge to boys to a competition as to who will raise the most money for the Scullys. With the shed as the prize, the stakes are high. When both the boys and the girls come up with the same idea of doing a calendar, the boys know they’re at a disadvantage.

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