As Michael is rushed to hospital, Summer is guilt-ridden, fearing their confrontation about her cheating led to his collapse. Seeing Tash blaming herself, Summer considers telling the truth behind what happened. However she chooses to keep what she’s done secret from her friends, and tries to confess her guilt to Rhys – but he dismisses her emotional concerns.

Learning Michael’s pulled through, Summer’s relieved but prepares to face the music. However she’s stunned when Michael doesn’t remember catching her cheating. Desperate to keep her mistake under wraps, Summer doesn’t reveal the truth. But will this secret end up eating her alive?

Terrified her father may die, Tash blames herself for putting so much pressure on him. But she’s comforted by Emilia’s presence, realising she and her dad aren’t alone anymore.

When Sonya foils Callum’s plans to escape his paper round in favour of playing his online game, he grudgingly sets off on his neighbourhood route. Thinking he’s finished in record time, Callum’s disgruntled when he realises he has another load of papers to deliver.

Clock ticking, he secretly dumps the extra papers in the bin. Dodging Sonya’s suspicions and arriving home in plenty of time to go online, Callum seems to have got away with his scheme – for now.