Will Susan allow Karl to run for Mayor?

Karl is buoyed by the support he gets from his colleagues about running for mayor. However, he’s annoyed that Susan won’t even entertain the notion of him running. Witnessing the tension, Rhiannon proceeds to give Susan a lecture about standing by your man. Susan later tells Karl she’s behind him all the way.

Rhiannon’s takes Jackson to work with her at Lassiters. Mason’s horrified and tries, unsuccessfully to get someone to babysit, which earns him a stern talking to from Matt about taking responsibility. Mason accuses him of having a grudge against Rhiannon, because she wouldn’t go along with his plans to take down Paul.

Meanwhile, Rhiannon’s supervisor Veronica sees her taking money from an elderly guest, and who also catches Jackson hanging around the staff room. Later, Rhiannon heads to Mason’s place. Where she gets the surprise of her life when the Department of Human Services turn up on the doorstep, wanting to talk to her about Jackson.

Burying his feelings for Josie, Callum offers to accompany Imogen to the dance, but she tries to let him down gently by offering to put him on her dance card. Callum isn’t as upset as what he thought he’d be. He’s horrified, however, to learn that Josie’s been cavorting with another character on Dragon Prophecies.