Ringo is furious when Rachel accidentally lets slip that she knows he failed his health test, and pushes her away. Struggling to study on his own, stressed out Ringo ends up stealing an exam paper, leaving Rachel and Zeke horrified. They convince him to hand over the paper so that they can return it to Susan before she notices that it’s missing. However, they are too late. Susan already knows about the missing paper and wants to expel the culprit. Will Ringo be found out?

Meanwhile, Steph holds an unofficial council meeting at Charlie’s in a bid to win over her unfriendly colleagues. She manages to impress them, but her hopes of putting community childcare and Stingray’s memorial wall back on the agenda, are dashed when her council mentor warns her that both plans are controversial and she can only win one. Will Steph be forced to break one of her campaign promises already?

When Mickey starts pretending to be sick again, Ned fears his son is missing Kirsten. Luckily Lou realises that Mickey is trying to avoid school because he’s having trouble getting his pen licence, prompting the family to supervise Mickey’s bid to graduate from pencil.

Also, Miranda is star struck when she organises a book launch for celebrity chef Tony Aristedes.